About Us



Our goals are to produce the best fiber possible and to develop lasting relationships with our friends and customers.

We live in Peru, In which is Circus City. We have participated in the amateur circus and have trained the bareback horse act. Naturally we wanted the circus to be part of our farm name.

We have owned and raised horses for over 60 years. We still have horses but became interested in the alpacas as a retirement business. We can't live without animals to care for and enjoy. We have enjoyed the alpaca community and their helpful hints. We started with two young females and now have thirty one in our herd.


We believe in being truthful and helping each other as much as we can. We have breeding stock and fiber animals for sale. We have herdsires available for outside breedings. Feel free to call and arrange a farm visit at any time.

We offer a 48 hr live birth guarantee on all females bred at Circus City Alpacas.  Agistment arrangements can also be made. Please call for information. Buyers receive free boarding for 45 days. Breeding females are boarded free for 30 days while breeding.

Circus City Alpaca has many areas of interest. We raise and breed alpacas. We have six herd sires,varying in colors, for our own breeding and outside breeding.  We have sixteen females in our maternity section. We have a variety of colors and will sell any of our alpacas.  All of our animals are registered, microchip, DNA typed, and BVD tested.

  We are able to grade and sort fiber for ourselves and others. These processes allow us to offer excellent yarn and many other products to our customers.  High quality yarn allows us to create exquisite long lasting clothing items.

We are involved with client farms, Indiana Alpaca Association, and Alpaca Owners Association to further promote the alpaca industry with educational information and assistance in developing new farms and customers. We welcome situations to mentor our customers and friends in an honest and helpful way both in fiber or animal education.  We participate in National Alpaca Farm Day, Alpaca Owner Association and all activities of Indiana Alpaca Association.

                   CIRCUS CITY ALPACAS

                2642 W 200 N, PERU, IN 46970

                PHONE : 765-863-3701